Video: Consumers are Fed Up (and They Have Lots of Options)


Healthcare is just getting comfortable with the idea that your fiercest competitor may soon become your best partner.

Sam Glick

9 min read

What does it really mean to make an "impact" in healthcare? At the 2019 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit, Oliver Wyman's Health & Life Sciences Partner, Sam Glick, discussed how people and their organizations are making an impact in healthcare. He also shares why he thinks we're at a tipping point for a trajectory change for the industry. 

Memorable Moments:

  • On the healthcare industry's tipping point: "For all the innovation that seems to be happening, the lifespan in the US has declined now for three years in a row, healthcare costs are the leading cause of bankruptcy, many people can't afford the care they need, and the debate sounds awfully familiar [year after year]."
  • On why scale isn't everything: "It's not a given that owning 100 hospitals is better than owning 50 hospitals. And in fact, as long as one organization is talking to the other, and they're both doing the right thing, that might be a more admirable way to run the world."
  • On why healthcare consumers are fed up with the status quo: "Consumers are turning to options that are opting out of the traditional system, whether that's on one end of the spectrum, concierge care, and on the other end Walmart just announced $30 and $40 visits in a health clinic they're building. So, [consumers] are both fed up, and they have real options. And they have more options to get the kind of care they need."
  • Sam Glick