View From the Summit: Immersion Tours Spotlight Chicago Innovators


A recap of today’s on-site, interactive tours where attendees explored how pioneering organizations in Chicago are transforming the health market.

Today’s attendees at the 2016 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit explored how four Chicago organizations are transforming the health market. Learn more about how these pioneers are putting the consumer at the center:


The experience of being a patient lasts minutes or hours and does not equip people to manage a life-long chronic condition, safely recover in the weeks after a procedure, or effectively transition home in the months after a hospitalization. Emmi’s multimodal technology addresses the dissonance between patient and person by extending the care team with a human touch. Understanding what matters to people and to those who provide care enables Emmi to foster confidence and competence and have better conversations that improve outcomes and experiences for patients, providers, and organizations. The team connects the dots to address the consumer experience: by participating in the product process; understanding how interviews, focus groups, and A/B tests inform interactive programs; experiencing implementation and deployment conversations; and gaining insight into how impact is assessed and studies are designed to drive continuous improvement.

Sandbox Industries

The past decade has taught us that it isn’t sufficient to rely solely on innovation from within. Fewer barriers to entry allow for an unprecedented proliferation of innovators, presenting both opportunities for, and threats to, established incumbents. Sandbox Industries implements innovation by guiding their partners through the rapidly changing startup landscape so they can navigate with confidence and invest in new opportunities at market speed – ahead of the competition. Sandbox leadership takes a highly structured, purpose-driven approach to picking winners and finding the right health plan partners to enable innovation at scale. Their forward-thinking entrepreneurs showcase solutions that can transform the member experience. Learn more from our earlier interview with Managing Director Tom Hawes.

Oak Street Health

Oak Street Health makes a promise to “keep our patients happy, healthy, and out of the hospital.” The staff keeps that promise daily: Friendly team members greet patients and welcome them to the happiest place in healthcare. From there, patients enjoy knowing that they have the support of their Care Team, who oversee every aspect of their care in and out of the doctor's office. When they're not building a relationship with their providers, patients come together in bright, spacious community rooms for free daily events and classes. Learn more from our earlier interview with CEO Mike Pykosz.  

One Medical Group

Visitors to One Medical Group got a behind-the-scenes look at a reinvented primary care practice – one of nearly 50 national locations that takes a completely different approach to delivering care. The team has worked to transform the traditional doctor’s visit to one that is hassle-free, stress-free, and built upon a strong relationship with the physician. The innovative practice integrates people-centered design with market-leading technology to deliver higher-quality care and service that leads to high satisfaction and good health.