Video: Redesigning the Healthcare Model


A look back at this year's Cost to Zero Moonshot panel at the StartUp Health Festival.

Sam Glick , Marty Makary, MD , Andrey Ostrovsky MD , and  Liz Dunne

Sure, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But so does sticker shock. The average medical bill is still far too expensive for the average American to pay. This was one of many points emphasized by Oliver Wyman Partner and StartUp Health Festival session moderator, Sam Glick, who led a Cost to Zero panel discussion earlier this year on healthcare costs with Liz Dunne, President and CEO of Peace Health, Marty Makary, MD, Chief, Islet Transplant Surgery, Johns Hopkins, and Andrey Ostrovsky, MD, former CMO, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services and current CEO of Concerted Care Group. 

"Cost is the single greatest barrier to access," began Sam.

An average of fifty percent of Americans say they cannot pay a $2,000 medical bill within thirty days, he added.

“If they have a plan with a deductible that goes above that, it doesn’t matter if it costs them $2,200, $22,000, or $220,000. They’re not going to go get that care. That’s why this needs to be a Moonshot,” he emphasized.

Watch the entire discussion below.