Infographic: Assessing Our 2017 Healthcare Predictions


Some of our 2017 healthcare predictions on value-based care, consumers, mergers, startups, and pharma came true, while others were less predictable.

John Rudoy, PhD

3 min read

One year ago, Oliver Wyman published a list of our top five healthcare predictions for 2017. Now that 2017 has come and gone, I have reviewed this list to see which predictions came true, and which ones did not come to fruition, amidst an industry of unpredictable uncertainty. (Plus, I get to grade the authors, Terry Stone of Oliver Wyman's Health and Life Sciences practice and Todd Van Tol, which is a most welcome bonus!)

Here are the grades I have awarded our top five predictions for 2017 on the topics of value-based care, healthcare consumers, mergers and acquisitions, digital health start-ups, and pharma. I have also included my reasoning for each grade, and my new predictions for what lies ahead in 2018. Please enjoy this analysis, which we will reassess again in a year's time.

  • John Rudoy, PhD