Four Questions with the CEO: Motive Medical Intelligence's Jeanne Cohen


How Motive Medical Intelligence is using data insights to provide actionable intelligence for better healthcare delivery.

Jeanne Cohen

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The healthcare industry is flooded with data and information, but stakeholders cannot become truly intelligent until all of the available knowledge is curated, analyzed, and made actionable. This is exactly what Motive Medical Intelligence (Motive) does. Here, Jeanne Cohen, the company’s CEO, answers four questions on how Motive is utilizing data to inform better healthcare and shares her vision for the future.

Oliver Wyman Health: Disruption is a central issue in today’s healthcare environment. There are several sources of disruption from new technology creation to the creation of a new consumer experience. How is Motive Medical Intelligence thinking about disruption?

Jeanne Cohen: The shift to value that has taken hold in healthcare in the last five years has created a new vision for the future of care delivery and the care experience—care that is value-based, patient-centered, and information driven. And while this vision is animating and inspiring, it is also destabilizing as organizations struggle to identify and implement the steps in the present that will achieve this long-term vision of better care at lower cost. Disruption is a way to describe the organizational and individual experience of this tension between the present and the future.

OWH: How are Motive’s solutions disruptive and how can they play a key role in the future of healthcare?

JC: For Motive, it’s all about information—capturing it, analyzing it, disseminating it, and monitoring it—this is the capability set that will define success in the envisioned future of healthcare. As an organization, we are focused on connecting patient data with evidence and best practices to deliver insights inside the real workflows of providers and the real experiences of patients. For example, our assessment program includes proprietary patient-specific alerts for patient issues such as transportation barriers and care access problems. Motive is using information and technology to make healthcare more appropriate, personal, and high touch in the most meaningful way across populations and care delivery organizations. Motive has architected its solution and its companion services to partner with its customers as they find and define their pathway through the tension of the present.

OWH: How is Motive driving the type of change that defines Health Market 2.0?

JC: We are focusing on the development of relevant, effective, highly specific workflows that power new models of care—in the hospital, outside of the hospital, in the home—with the patient fully integrated into a care team supported by intelligent technology. Motive’s insights and knowledge products integrate clinical and operational flows, and they connect providers and patients to take action driven by patients’ clinical, genomic and self-reported information.

OWH: Where do you see the health market in 10 years and Motive’s role in it?

JC: We expect healthcare to become a power user of its own information in a knowledge system that creates new economic value through extraordinary patient care and patient experiences. As a company, Motive is dedicated to the development and delivery of the knowledge that drives the best care and the best experience for all patients in all settings. As healthcare learns to apply what it knows in new ways, what is now innovation will become practice—and Motive intends to be there, driving that journey.

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