#OWHIC Attendees Meet Tomorrow’s Digitally-Obsessed Consumer, Dawn


She’s always shopping, but she’s never in line. Dawn will soon become the consumer industry’s new reality.

Oliver Wyman Health

At this year’s Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit in Dallas, attendees met many different people along the way. One of these people was Dawn, a fictional Millennial consumer and smartphone-obsessed online shopper from the future, created via a global behavioral customer study and from sister-company and creative consultancy Lippincott. Attendees of this virtual reality exhibit – Meet Dawn: The Customer of the Future – learned more about this ordinary 25-year old woman living in tomorrow’s virtually connected, highly personalized online future – one that will soon become today’s reality, says Lippincott. Attendees walked through a curated exhibit to learn about Dawn and our own feelings about the future healthcare consumer. (The next Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit will be November 5-7, 2018 in Dallas, Texas.)