Health Innovation Journal Volume 5

The last two years have amplified the need for healthcare organizations to push innovations at an accelerated pace. This year’s fully-digital Health Innovation Journal digs into these Opportunities in Motion and uncovers a path forward for today’s leading changemakers.

Opportunities in Motion


Five Ways to Reshape Healthcare

The opportunities to transform healthcare are enormous and the industry is past the time when big players and incumbents are the default winners and incremental change is the norm. During our Health Innovation Summit, Oliver Wyman’s Ashley Smith highlighted five areas where the value proposition is being redefined.


Addressing the needs of engaged consumers

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how consumers access healthcare services. Our latest Consumer Healthcare Survey suggests that healthcare companies will need to realign their strategies to meet evolving consumer expectations.
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Gains in Virtual Care

For most patients, the pandemic was the first time they used virtual care. Industry stakeholders need to account for some barriers to sustain growth in the use of the technology.

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Accessing Mental Healthcare

Americans suffering from mental illness and substance abuse has been on a rise. But experience in accessing mental health services varied greatly over the last two years.

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Five Behaviors That May Predict Consumer Engagement

Consumers have more choices than ever before to interact with the healthcare system. We wanted to test if a few simple questions about everyday behaviors could predict engagement.

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Voices of Change

Our podcast guests share how they're solving some of the biggest challenges in healthcare today.

Taking Risks is Essential to Being a Leader in Reshaping Healthcare

By Marc Harrison, MD

President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare

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26:23 min

Unleashing Latent Innovation Comes Down to Commonsense

By Sachin Jain, MD

President and CEO, SCAN Group and Health Plan

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31:01 min

Addressing Racism is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

By Nzinga Harrison, MD

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Eleanor Health

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45:33 min

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