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Interview with Shane Holdaway, CEO of Mission Lane
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Oliver Wyman recently interviewed Shane Holdaway, CEO of Mission Lane. During our conversation, we discussed catering to the needs of underserved credit challenged customers and what differentiates Mission Lane from other fintechs in the space.

We also discussed the challenges and advantages of being a non-bank in an industry still dominated by regulated financial institutions, and what trends we see driving payments and fintechs over the next 3-5 years.  


Interview Questions

1. How has Mission Lane met the challenges that hold back other financial institutions from meeting the needs of underserved consumers? (00:30)

2. Why have so few fintechs targeted prime borrowers in the U.S. credit card market? (2:05)

3. What differentiates Mission Lane from other fintechs that operate in this space? (3:30)

4. What’s driving Mission Lane’s recent explosive growth and how do you manage trade-offs in calibrating your pace of growth? (6:45)

5. What are the advantages and challenges Mission Lane faces in an industry dominated by regulated financial institutions? (8:45)

6. What do you think about financial super apps? (10:10)

7. What are the big trends that you see driving payments and fintech over the next 3-5 years? (12:20)

Video interview with Shane Holdaway, CEO of Mission Lane 



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