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The pace of disruption has accelerated. For any industry, consumer trust is everything, and the food industry rose to the challenges of the pandemic and won meal occasions from other sectors. 

Looking forward, that trust is threatened by on-going product availability disruptions, labor and workforce challenges, inflationary pressures, which are not transitory, as well as threats to physical and cyber infrastructure. Today, however, disruption on several key issues has converged at an unprecedented speed. The duration of these challenges has immediate as well as longer-term implications. Food retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers of all shapes, sizes, and geographies must address these new challenges together with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to collaborate to better serve consumers. 

With the help of our strategic partners at the Food Industry Association, we have gathered insights from the FMI Board of Directors through a series of interviews and board surveys with forward-looking executives in the food retail, wholesale, and CPG industry. You can explore the findings in our Imperative Issues 2022 Report.