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Manufacturing companies are grappling with challenges on two fronts. On the demand side, they are facing pricing pressures and expectations for short delivery times while often providing high level of customization. On the supply side, they face increasing planning uncertainty due to global supply chain issues, as well as rising costs from increasing energy prices and inflation.

To navigate this complex environment requires an end-to-end control over the internal and external value chain. With this in mind, we develop supply chain acceleration solutions that create transparency on the root causes of bottlenecks and shortcomings, significantly reducing the total throughput time from sales all the way to final product delivery.

Our proprietary rapid diagnostic approach emphasizes total throughput lead time and enables our manufacturing clients to identify measures to speed up the supply chain. We combine fact-based data analytics with insights captured in close collaboration with the teams on the ground. This provides our clients with a clear roadmap and profit and loss (P&L) impact potentials. In parallel, we prepare the organization to drive supply chain acceleration across multiple teams, products, sites, and geographies. We assist our clients in bringing identified improvement measures to life. This positions our clients well to serve their markets quickly and boost top and bottom-line P&L impact.

Supply chain acceleration can be a game changer for manufacturing companies, if they focus on the entire supply chain instead of isolated lean and excellence programs. Up to 15% in EBIT improvement is possible, but almost half of that can only be unlocked with support from upstream processes
Sebastian Janssen, Partner and Global Head of Supply Chain

Manufacturing companies are in the difficult position of serving demanding customer needs while dealing with increasing challenges on the supply side


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