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What We Do

Shipyard by Oliver Wyman Actuarial is a proprietary and highly flexible business intelligence platform. We use Shipyard to build powerful and interactive visual analytics web-based applications for corporations, insurance companies, and brokerage firms. This solution will be completely customized to meet your specific requirements. Finally, teams can have the custom analytical solutions they’ve been dreaming about instead of settling for generic software.

Shipyard provides the resources necessary to publish an application to the web including infrastructure, security, hosting, and licenses. The Shipyard team’s skilled developers combine deep experience and agile methods to finish projects faster than competitors while providing support for ideation, fine-tuning, maintenance, and expansion. Easy access promotes collaboration between teams that rely on data to make decisions, as well as a deeper connection to data for building intuition and understanding.

Begin with the end in mind

What problem are we trying to solve for? Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and library of solutions.


Strategize and map out what we could build to solve your business problem.

Shipyard custom solution

Your custom build is paired with actuarial consulting to help you make sense of your data.

Build & Test

Once the application is built, Oliver Wyman will work with you to make sure there are no kinks with onboarding, training, and running the application.

Ongoing Partnership

Unlike most off-the-shelf solutions, whatever we build in Shipyard can be modified as your organization changes, even after final delivery.

Shipyard’s applications

Below are a few of the many applications that have been built with Shipyard. For a complete library of our apps, please contact a member of our team.

Lighthouse is a state-of-the-art an interactive data visualization platform that spotlights unforeseen trends, provides actionable insights, and leads to better decision making in your claims, safety, and risk financing programs.
Data Navigator
Data Navigator provides analytical and predictive modeling based on information including enrollment, safety observations, claims, and past project characteristics. By allowing clients to drill down by project, location, and contractor, the tool has also made it easier to evaluate the performance of contractors, enabling targeted efforts to reduce the potential for risk.
MarketLab integrates various datasets and predictive models in a graphically streamlined, web-based app that empowers our clients to quickly and intelligently make marketing, underwriting, and primary pricing decisions that will lead to growth and improved profitability. The tool leverages MMC's proprietary market basket and leading-edge advanced analytics powered by the Guy Carpenter/Oliver Wyman predictive analytics team.
Macroscope is a highly customizable application driven by the contents of a series of underlying predictive models designed to dynamically identify high risk losses throughout a claim’s lifecycle.
Working with Bryce and the Oliver Wyman Actuarial team has been a pleasure. They are very skilled at developing client friendly tools and they communicate in an effective and timely manner. Oliver Wyman Actuarial has been deft at taking business requirements, collaboratively suggesting improvements and translating them into tools that successfully speak to our clients in an actionable and visually impactful way. We look forward to our continuing relationship with Oliver Wyman Actuarial and would recommend them to others without hesitation.
Belinda Roberts, Product Management Leader, Mercer

For a complete library of our apps, please contact a member of our team. 


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