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Tim Hoyland
Senior Partner and Head of the Americas, Restructuring
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Resiliency is a key watchword for Tim. In fact, one could say it’s woven into his DNA. “I am pretty resilient, I know how to turn a failure around,” says Tim. “Resiliency is very important to me. I always dust myself off and come back.”

And certainly, that resilient outlook is a quality that Tim, as the Dallas/Fort Worth metro leader of the Aviation practice and Head of the Americas for the Restructuring practice, will need in abundance as he helps clients navigate the COVID-19 era, which has presented itself as an existential crisis for the industry. “Right now there is going to be a lot of pilots, aircraft, and airline employees that will face disruption,” he says. “But by 2024 or 2025, the industry will be growing and be healthy again.”

The COVID-19 pandemic is like any other contraction that we, as an industry, have had to recover from – and I am confident the aviation industry will bounce back from this.

Much of Tim’s work has involved working on bankruptcies and strategizing on how to restructure. “I co-lead the aerospace practice and do a lot of due diligence and acquisitions, but over 50% percent of my time is spent working on  bankruptcies within the aviation industry,” he says.

His advice to young people who are thinking of entering the industry is to look beyond the current disruption and to remember that the darkest hour is just before dawn. By the middle of the next year, the industry will begin to bounce back. “It may be a difficult time to get into the industry, but in 18 months there will be a lot of opportunity: Excess planes will begin to get utilized,  start to get utilized, the OEMs will start to start to see a righter future, produce again, and demand will gradually come back,” says Tim.