Ramiro de la Rosa
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Ramiro’s role is to develop and embed the strategic partnership thinking within Oliver Wyman Digital globally, developing the different ecosystems to support our project delivery capabilities across the globe. Ramiro is focused on how we go to market with strategic partners, designing value-add propositions that combine the knowledge, experience, and strategic thinking capabilities of all parties.

Our clients are interested in end-to-end solutions to their business challenges. The world and technology are changing so fast, and no company can fully tackle all problems out there in isolation. We are building a global ecosystem of strategic partnerships with best in class companies, that have exceptional talent and a similar culture to us, so clients can get lasting business impact. The breakthrough potential via smart partnerships is limitless.

Ramiro started his career as an electronic engineer, given his passion to build things, and progressed into numerous senior managerial roles. After attaining an MBA, he became really interested in exploring how multiple parties can combine their capabilities to deliver greater value add and find better outcomes for customers.

The most important aspect of my work is aligning all parties around a joint vision and shared objectives. Technology enables us to many great things. But harnessing the collective energy and power of human minds is even more astonishing.