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Martin Robinson
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Martin is a partner in our Digital practice where he specializes in large scale digital transformation projects. From leading the build of major greenfield banks, to optimizing retail digital processes, and architecting data portals, Martin’s work focuses on how technology can give businesses a tactical advantage and serve their customers better. Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, Martin held a variety of senior leadership positions in the retail sector.

The retail industry is fiercely competitive, and many businesses recognized early on the potential of digitalization to improve efficiency and boost customer offerings. Companies these days are facing even greater challenges, therefore it’s vital they have the right technology investment portfolio in place to support innovation.

Martin’s work focuses on helping businesses leverage new technologies and digital capabilities to lower costs, freeing up capital that can be used to both fund and sustain growth. Aside from the technology angle, he’s a firm believer in the importance of cultural change, where teams are comfortable to experiment, challenge the status quo, and learn from both success and failure. 

I spent many years working in Asia which gave me many fascinating insights into how businesses operate in different countries and cultures. Languages and working styles may vary enormously, but at the end of the day, successful digital transformation is only ever about the strength and talent of the people in an organization.