Jingwei Jia
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Jingwei Jia is a partner in Oliver Wyman’s Financial Services practice, based in Hong Kong.

With 20 years of industry expertise covering both reinsurance and primary insurance in multiple countries, Jingwei focuses on insurance and the broader ecosystem surrounding it. His expertise spans strategy development, innovative products, operating model, M&A, and business transformation. Jingwei also looks closely at insurtech, aging society, big health, new technology, and ESG implications on the insurance sector.

It is crucial to let our clients feel we care. Our curiosity, dedication, and sense of responsibility shall go beyond a one-off client relationship and turn into a long-term partnership. Only by doing so, collectively, can we positively impact the society around us

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, Jingwei was a Managing Director in a world-leading reinsurance company, most recently as the CEO for its Corporate Solutions Greater China unit.

Jingwei is happily married with two active kids. He spends most of his spare time with his family. He plays various sports and believes he is still  young enough to compete with others on speed. He holds a Master’s degree in Risk Management from the London School of Economics. He is also active in mentoring and volunteering work.