Grant Alport
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Grant is a partner in our Transportation and Services, and Pricing, Sales, and Marketing Practices, based in Washington DC.

An industry thought leader, he co-authored Oliver Wyman’s annual Airline Economic Analysis and co-led several pandemic-related Global Traveler Sentiment Surveys. He provides advice to airline, airport, and travel and leisure clients on growth strategy, revenue maximization, and operational resilience.

Airlines are complex entities requiring employees across teams and companies, complex equipment, technology, and weather to cooperate to transport 200 strangers from one city to another. I love working with clients to make running an airline profitable and reliable

His passion for aviation began when he was just 10 days old, on his first flight. He started his career at American Airlines, handling operational staffing and budgeting for several US airports before joining Oliver Wyman with a focus on the aviation sector. At Oliver Wyman, he has worked across nine countries in North America, South America, and Europe. His passion for aviation and travel drives him to solve his clients’ biggest challenges. Recently, he has helped clients launch a new package vacations business, improve operational resilience at a major European hub airport, and implement resiliency improvements for an airline after a major operational disruption.

During the pandemic, Grant earned his pilot’s license and now enjoys weekend flights around Virginia. An avid traveler and Lego builder, he loves spending time with his partner Sarah and their adorable dog Preston. Grant is a Duke University graduate with a BA In Public Policy, Spanish, and Economics.