Ethan Murray
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Ethan Murray is a Partner within our Digital practice. Since joining Oliver Wyman, he has worked across advisory and more technical roles, primarily in consumer-focused industries such as retail, health, and technology.

Drawing on his dual background in consulting and technical work, Ethan can usually be found working on the most challenging problems at the intersection of business and technology, helping clients tackle their most complex problems that require a deep understanding of both worlds.

Pandemic Navigator forecasts the number of new and cumulative coronavirus cases across over 90 countries, providing a quantitative basis on which governments, industry groups, and companies can examine the impact of COVID-19. We wrap this with tools to help businesses return to operations, like health screening and contact tracing. It’s a good feeling to build something innovative, that is helping society and hopefully saving lives.

Ethan holds a bachelor’s magna cum laude in physics from Harvard University and a Microsoft certification in SQL Server database development. Most recently he has been involved in designing and launching Oliver Wyman’s Pandemic Navigator, a set of tools to analyze containment and suppression efforts and support COVID-19 related decisions. 

I love helping people and helping them to cooperate. My childhood family mantra was, “The most important thing is being kind.” It turns out that when you really want to make a breakthrough using technology and analytics, the key ingredient is to bring together bright minds from business and technology in a better collaboration than we normally achieve – fundamentally rooted in kindness and shared understanding.

Outside of work, Ethan and his family split their year between Boston, where he was raised, and his wife’s native Costa Rica.  He enjoys watching his children grow up thinking monkeys and squirrels fill the same niche in the world: ubiquitous and sometimes annoying animals you find in your backyard.