Dan Sui
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A San Francisco-based Consultant, Dan first joined Oliver Wyman Actuarial as an intern in Los Angeles in 2016 and in San Francisco in 2017. Upon graduating from UCLA in 2018, he joined Oliver Wyman full time.

In addition to having expertise in coding in Python, Java, JavaScript, and SQL, Dan is also a self-described “science nerd.” He minored in geology in college to add some variety to his curriculum, which he achieved in the way of a particularly memorable field trip to Obsidian Dome in eastern California.

Dan now specializes in property and casualty reserving, where his primary responsibility is to perform reserve analyses for entities that are self-insured for P&C lines of business, including workers’ compensation, general liability, and commercial automobile liability. He also has experience with a wide range of applications of reserving theory and in loyalty program reserving.

The best moments at work are when we’re able to dramatically improve something that the client is used to being done a certain way.

Recent projects that Dan has found particularly impactful include helping a long-time client undertaking a new joint venture sort out and value complicated buckets of P&C liabilities, greatly improving a client’s reserving methodology for rolling contractor-controlled insurance programs, and unearthing with a bit of sleuthing a major issue where a client had been reserving for loyalty program reward points at half the rate necessary. “It feels good to know we’re doing our part to help the world go ‘round a little smoother,” he adds.

To those entering the field, Dan’s advice is to get used to thinking outside of the box. “Actuarial consulting is a field where novel and creative thinking solves problems,” he says. “After all these long years of schooling, this was probably the aspect of work that posed the steepest learning curve for me, but it’s one that Oliver Wyman helps you develop immensely.”