Artiom Arkhangelskiy
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Artiom helps banking clients build processes that allow them to make optimal risk-return decisions at various levels of their organizations: from strategic planning to pricing and credit underwriting. The financial services sector is one that he was attracted to from the beginning of his career for two principal reasons: the important role the industry plays in the economy, and its heavy reliance on digital technologies and advanced analytics. He is passionate about helping clients grow their businesses and improve performance in these two areas.

We are going through a great transformation in financial services powered by new technologies that change how institutions organize their work internally and serve customers, and increase the value of financial services to individuals and businesses

Artiom has worked with clients across a range of activities, including building new digital lending businesses, leveraging advanced analytics to improve sales and pricing at banks, and designing supervisory stress testing regimes.

My favorite projects are when we support our client from idea generation to full implementation – those are the ones that result in the highest impact and bring the most satisfaction