The Global Leadership Team (GLT) Council is a group of non-executive colleagues from across the firm that works alongside leadership. This group of outstanding colleagues provides new insights and perspectives to our most senior leaders and helps define and deliver the firm’s long-term strategy and key firm initiatives.

Why We Created A Global Leadership Team Council

At Oliver Wyman, we are eager to bring a range of perspectives into the decision-making process of our leadership team. Today's unique environment, marked by an unprecedented pace of disruption and evolving expectations from the workforce, requires even more management agility as well as a strong sense of culture and belonging. Our response: inviting a group of non-executive employees from all industry groups and job families, representing a wide range of backgrounds and identities, to shape major firm decisions.

I continue to be inspired by the intelligence, integrity, and energy of our colleagues. I am honored to be able to serve as the first GLT Council Chairperson and to be part of a new forum that integrates views from all parts of the firm and involves more colleagues in the decision-making process.
Mariya Rosberg, Chair, Global Leadership Council

Hear from some of our 2022 Council Members

Jim is a Manager in the CCQS (Compliance, Certification, Quality, and Safety) practice. He has been at Oliver Wyman CAVOK for almost eight years.

What do you do outside of work for fun? I like to visit breweries, wineries and hike in the mountains.

What are you most excited about this year as a member of the GLTC? Working with the leadership team at OW and having the opportunity to make a difference on how OW operates.

Patricia leads External Affairs in our European region and press activities in the UK and Ireland. Patricia is based in London and has been with Oliver Wyman for four years.

What do you do outside of work for fun? I stay active, and enjoy exploring new places as well as reconnecting with my native countries and spending time with family.


What are you most excited about this year as a member of the GLTC? I’m excited to work with the Council and our leadership, and to connect with colleagues from across the globe.

Oliver Wyman KudOWs

The Council introduced a peer-to-peer recognition and reward system in 2021, which is now a permanent part of our firm. The program recognizes colleagues for above and beyond contributions – so far, the program has recognized over 3,000 colleagues and awarded them with spot bonuses.

The Council isn’t just a reactive body, it is one that helps to challenge, shape and provide such good feedback that hopefully we end up with new programs for the firm that have real impact. A great example of this is the discussion we had with the GLT Council around recognition, which catalyzed the idea of the peer to peer recognition program kudOWs.
Nicky Dingemanns, Chief Human Capital Officer

Culture Study

The council conducted an in-depth study of Oliver Wyman’s culture, identifying what we want to strengthen and hard truths about where we can change. The study has helped spur significant work at the top of the house to build upon our strong culture as the firm adapts to the ‘new normal’.

I was incredibly inspired by how sharp, kind and committed my fellow Council members are, but was also heartened by the quality of care and attention we got from firm leadership. There are obviously practical constraints to any change, but overall, everyone in the room was committed to making the firm better for our people and our clients.
Alice, 2021 Council
The purpose of the Council is to inject new perspectives into the decision-making process. I am inspired by how much leadership welcomed controversial, sometimes ‘boat-rocking’ views from the Council
Tim, 2021 Council
I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with such kind and inspiring people on the Council. It was also very rewarding to see the impact we were making on the organization on important topics, like review and feedback mechanisms.
Sam, 2021 Council