Cornelia Neumann

Principal - Public Policy and Financial Services
Consulting is a profession that is both demanding and rewarding. For people who are willing to make the investment and want to learn how to hold their own when interacting with different people, cultures, and problems, Oliver Wyman is a great place. Even after many years with the firm, I am still learning.

Cornelia, who has consulted with leading European financial services institutions and public authorities for almost a decade, especially enjoys the analytical aspects of consulting: “My parents are scientists, so taking a fact-based approach to problems comes quite naturally to me. I love the problem-solving phase in the beginning of a project, where you start from a hypothesis and watch a picture slowly begin to emerge as you add new information and broaden the perspective.”

Cornelia spent the bulk of her time at Oliver Wyman working with EU banks and financial sector supervisors on key regulatory matters, ranging from stress testing, recovery and resolution planning, compliance, and AML, to governance, conduct, and risk culture. “More recently, I see our clients focusing their efforts increasingly on strategic questions, including how to use and safeguard data, respond to innovative entrants and shape their strategy on sustainability.”  

Cornelia joined Oliver Wyman in 2011 from the Financial Stability Department of the Bank of England, entering the field of consulting at the height of the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis. “I was lucky enough to work on assignments relating to authorities’ response to the deepening Eurozone crisis in 2012 and 2013. Being able to support EU and national authorities on preserving financial stability in the Eurozone was something that really mattered to me—even if that meant scrubbing data and going with little sleep for months.” And it was an experience that left indelible memories: “Walking out of a central bank building being protected by a cordon of riot police is something you never forget.”