Federico Ucci
Partner, Value Sourcing, Transportation and Services, Climate and Sustainability
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Federico has spent the past decade advising aviation, aerospace, and rail companies on strategies for addressing competition, disruptive innovation, and product competitiveness. An expert in strategy and transformation programs in passenger and freight transportation as well as aerospace, Federico came to Oliver Wyman from the planning department of Air France. 

I am a true believer in a unified Europe: I see myself working with thoughtful leaders from all other European countries to help integration coming from the bottom at all levels, from Defense to Taxation to Healthcare. We need a Giuseppe Garibaldi for Europe these days!

While education and training prepared him to become a consultant, he owes his drive to the decade he spent rowing competitively. “My years rowing at an international level have given me a perspective on the energy and drive needed to succeed in any field, including consulting,” says Federico. “We face the most complex challenges in business on a daily basis, and energy and drive are needed at every step of the way.”

A specialist in transportation strategies and market entries, Federico is always looking to create long term competitive advantage. Rather than seeking short-term solutions through cost cutting and price negotiation, he works with the whole partner coalition to build better products that are cheaper to make or operate. Federico has been deeply involved in solving value sourcing and supply chain issues. Some of those projects include designing and managing a €1 billion cross-functional product cost-cutting program involving engineering, procurement, sales, and other functions to increase the competitiveness of several key systems by 15 to 30 percent.

Among his most memorable engagements was working with a team of aerospace engineers in designing a new satellite platform. “Beyond the results achieved, I was touched by a message from one of the engineers, telling me how our workstyle and disruptive methodology helped him see his contribution from a different perspective. It had made it possible for him to enjoy once again a job that he had found boring and dis-empowering,” says Federico. “It was transformative for me to see how deeply our projects could impact people, beyond just the bottom line.”