Oliver Wyman Case Competition

Impact Hong Kong 2019


What is Oliver Wyman Impact

  • For the 3rd year running, Oliver Wyman is hosting Oliver Wyman Impact, a business case competition for students who are interested in exploring a career in strategy consulting
  • Unlike traditional case competitions, where you are given information about a real life business situation and asked to provide advice on what should be done,  Oliver Wyman Impact focuses on strategic trends that are directly impacting businesses and society. You would be asked to provide advice on how businesses should respond to such trends

What do you get out of it?

A real challenge:

  • Explore a real life business trend
  • Challenge yourself to fresh thinking in an established industry
  • Work in a team, including opportunity to consult our consultants
  • Compete with your peers

The winning team will receive a guaranteed final round interview opportunity when applying to Oliver Wyman for a consultant / internship position in 2020


Who is eligible to participate?

University students (students expecting to graduate in the year of 2020 and 2021 only) from the following universities:

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • The University of Hong Kong

What constitutes a “Team”?

  • 4 students, who can be from different universities
  • A team captain (one of the 4 members as your point of contact)
  • All students must be registered (CVs are required for registration)

What are the key milestones and activities of the competition?

  • Registration (online):
    • Deadline for registration: 31 March 2019, (Hong Kong time)
    • Please be mindful that only complete applications will be considered; applying earlier allows us to advise you if something is missing
  • First round case submission:
    • Link to download case material will be sent to team captains starting 18 March 2019 (Hong Kong time)
    • Deadline for submitting your team's recommendation in the “Submission” section at the bottom of this page: 19 April 2019 (Hong Kong time)
    • Format of deliverable: No more than 20 PowerPoint slides (excluding cover page, section dividers and appendix)
    • Announcement of top teams invited to the final round will take place in late April or early May 2019. We aim to select 6-8 teams as the finalists
  • Finals (in-person):
    • Finalists will present to an Oliver Wyman partner / panel in early June with a refined version
    • We will pair each team with a current Oliver Wyman consultant, to provide guidance to the team during preparation for final presentation

Who can I contact with questions and what kind of questions is permissible?

  •  We will answer questions in relation to logistics and understanding the case material or if team captains do not receive case materials by EOD 18 March 2019 (Hong Kong time)
  • Please send your questions to the Oliver Wyman Impact Hong Kong helpdesk:            


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