At Oliver Wyman, we're looking for team players who are intellectually curious and entrepreneurial to create breakthroughs and achieve the amazing

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Our company is a diverse and talented team of experts who combine creativity and analysis. We foster a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and innovation. We value ideas over hierarchy and encourage everyone to contribute.


This makes Oliver Wyman both an ideal adviser for organizations and an ideal place for exceptional people to realize their potential.

At Oliver Wyman, we look for people who are intellectually curious, diverse, uniquely talented, and hungry to make an impact on society and those around them. We equip you with the skillset to tackle challenging problems and prepare you to navigate the business world no matter where your career aspirations lie
Louisa Li, CCG partner


The coolest thing about my job is the scale and magnitude of impact that I’m able to create for my clients.

As a student, my goal was always to join banking once I graduated. I made a spontaneous decision to explore consulting and it turned out to be a choice I don’t regret.

My education background is specializing in data science. While it may seem unrelated to management consulting, the great thing about our firm is that we have a supportive culture. Colleagues are always willing to help each other grow, regardless of their backgrounds.

Different backgrounds are not just accepted but celebrated in the consulting field, where everyone in the team comes together to bring different expertise and skillsets to derive an optimal solution for each client in each industry.

During my time here, I have been staffed on multiple overseas projects which are super exciting! You get to travel to new countries and experience their working culture firsthand.

My time in consulting taught me to be fearless towards the unknown. Venturing into uncharted territories can be terrifying at times, but the initial uncertainty often matures into new perspectives and new opportunities.

One of my most cherished memories at Oliver Wyman transpired during the Greater China onsite in Sanya. During this gathering, I found myself wearing the hat of an event organizer, game planner, and auction host. This experience truly underlined the essence of being part of the Oliver Wyman family.

Oliver Wyman has been a place where individuals can create their own desired career path. If you have this mindset of creating your own career path, Oliver Wyman is the place for you.