Winning In Polish Grocery

A Guide to Customer Perception of the Polish Food Retail Sector

Poland’s grocery market has grown into one of Europe’s largest after years of rapid growth. But now it’s maturing, and retailers can no longer hope to boost revenues simply by setting up shops in an underserved neighborhood. Instead, they need to figure out how to differentiate themselves from the competition through attractive prices and promotions (“value” dimension), as well as the “offer” they provide in the form of quality, range, and service.

The findings of this report – which were also presented at the Poland and CEE Retail Summit 2017 in Warsaw – are based on a consumer research of the Polish market: We asked 4,000 Polish customers detailed questions about their perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the Polish grocery players. The report gives an overview of the results. Underneath, there is a very detailed view on how customers assess retailers relative to their peers on more than 30 different dimensions. 

In retail, businesses that fail to generate a strong customer perception find themselves unable to differentiate themselves from their competitors – a dangerous, unsustainable position.

The most statistically important criteria for Polish customers (nationwide)

Note: The criteria listed above represents only a fraction of the most important criteria for a store.

Source: Oliver Wyman Customer Perception Map Poland 2017

Winning In Polish Grocery