Women in Financial Services 2014

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Women in Financial Services 2014

Women in Financial Services 2014

From Evolution to Revolution: The Time is Now

There have long been concerns about the lack of women at the senior levels in financial services. Many have suggested that the excessive risk taking and mistreatment of customers in the pre-2007 boom were caused by the overwhelming masculinity of the industry.

That’s not the whole story, of course.  The crisis had many causes. And a lack of diversity has many consequences. But regardless, it remains clear that the sector is losing out in the ‘war for talent’.

In this report, we analyzed the gender mix of senior staff at over 150 firms internationally and surveyed over 1,000 current and potential financial services employees from five countries. We have interviewed many senior women (and a few men!) from across the sector. Please click on the arrows below to read quotes from some of our interviewees.

We have been surprised by some of the results, and our conviction that financial firms, and we, must do more to support women has only increased.

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Watch our video
Nick Studer, Managing Partner, Financial Services and Michelle Daisley, Partner and Lead Author of Women in Financial Services, discuss the key findings from the report.



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