Raji Souag
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As a Partner with the Financial Services practice, Raji helps public and private sector clients find answers to their toughest, most complex, cross-cutting strategic questions, and most importantly, collaborates with them to find a route to implementing real, transformational change on the ground.

Raji honed his skills as a strategic advisor working with some of our largest global banking clients in London and New York before transitioning to commercial and investment banks, DFIs, asset managers, and investors in the GCC and North Africa. The financial services “school of consulting” gave Raji a great foundation to play both regional financial services roles, as well as cross-industry market building roles where he helps bring the best of Oliver Wyman across all teams to deliver maximum impact for clients. 

We’re entering a phase of history where humanity is facing some of its toughest economic, social, and indeed existential challenges. Yet we’ve also never had more knowledge, creativity, and technology to hand to disrupt the status quo and take us to a better place.

For Raji, some of his most satisfying work has been helping build and launch institutions from the ground up and seeing them become industry champions or drivers of economic and social development. “Equally satisfying has been advising institutions in trouble – to turn around, stabilize and then in a few cases to become a north star for their industries,” he notes.

A career consultant of close to two decades, Raji has found that consulting allows him to find the breadth and variety of experiences he loves while also making lasting economic and social impact. To those considering the field, Raji advises that consulting is a place for exploration. “Don’t be afraid to reinvest yourself and take on new challenges.”

Raji’s exceptionally diverse upbringing – living in many countries and markedly different cultural, religious, and socio-economic settings – made stepping between worlds second nature. “Being able to step into someone else’s shoes and empathize is so important in consulting,” he adds.

When he’s offline, Raji is an avid traveler and outdoorsman. He loves to immerse himself in off-the-beaten-path destinations, play water sports, camp, and hike. “I love the company of family and friends, and me, my wife, and three boys earn our airmiles seeing loved ones across four continents.”