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What We Do

From entry into service through bridging, we optimize operator maintenance programs through each phase of a fleet’s life cycle.

We influence profit margins, fleet performance, and reliability for the top aviation carriers in the global market by optimizing their maintenance program efficiency and effectiveness.

Our standardized processes and proprietary applications complement the administration of an air carrier’s Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP) functions: initial program development, program updates, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system support, program assessment, check package optimization, gap analysis, acquisitions, bridging, and work instruction management. 

Increasing maintenance program effectiveness and efficiency results in significant cost savings, reduces overall maintenance demand, and increases aircraft availability, while also managing compliance and safety and removing unnecessary work. 

Additionally, we have adapted these proven aviation Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) philosophies to rail assets to enable data analysis-based adjustments to maintenance programs for locomotives and other assets that optimize their availability.

Maintenance Program Development
We work directly with aviation and rail carriers to develop new maintenance programs, including customized job cards that enable continued best practices after conclusion of the engagement.
Maintenance Program Assessment
We assess aviation or rail maintenance programs and benchmark them against industry best-in-class programs. We also provide analysis of existing maintenance programs and identify gaps to the ideal state.
Maintenance Program Optimization
We work alongside aviation and rail carriers to implement changes to existing maintenance programs that vastly improve effectiveness and efficiency.
Maintenance Program Bridging
We support our clients in completing bridging requirements before transitioning an asset to a new maintenance program.

Who We Are