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Lauren Lyons
Engagement Manager
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Lauren collaborates with public sector organizations to increase their effectiveness, adapt their operating models, and transform – bringing lessons learned from other successful public sector programs, and experience in the private sector.

Lauren helps clients design and deliver large transformational programs by combining a data-led approach with performance management and adaptive program delivery. “This includes private-public partnerships, resource allocation analysis for public sector bodies, and organizational design driven by regulatory requirements,” she adds.

Clients and colleagues seek Lauren out to discuss their greatest challenges and work out a solution in partnership. She works with a hypothesis-driven approach, always seeking to understand more and question the boundaries of what we understand – something she mastered while achieving her PhD in influenza virus.

Working with Director Generals and CEOs of some of the largest regulators in Europe, Lauren’s ability to communicate with senior leaders, respond to their queries on risks, and present complex data in a simple but compelling manner allows her to quickly build trusted relationships with key stakeholders. 

An organization should not view a transformation as a one-off exercise, it should be a continual journey.

Looking ahead, Lauren sees a challenge for clients in creating operating models that can keep up with the times, changes in technology, and changes in work expectations from generation Z. “An opportunity lies in understanding truly what the organization is doing at any one time, what outcomes are being achieved through activities, and how these should be adapted to meet the consumers need,” she notes.

Within the public sector, Lauren notes that the build back from Covid will be extremely challenging – with public bodies continually being asked to do more, with ever fewer resources – “Right now, public bodies need to review their processes top to bottom to ensure: all staff are working towards the same strategic objectives; data and analytics is driving evidence-based decision making; they are making the most of automation to focus on higher value add activities – and therefore maximizing value to the taxpayer.”

To those entering consulting, Lauren’s advice is to always be curious and put yourself in other people’s shoes. “Nothing is as “easy” as it looks from outside in,” she adds, noting that she is most proud of the projects during which she builds lasting relationships with clients and is seen as a trusted advisor and friend, with her work creating change within the organization and long lasting impact.