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Jack Van Cooten
Senior Research Specialist
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Jack is a Senior Research Specialist in our Knowledge Services team, focusing on digital innovation and technology regulation. Based in London, he has spent 5 years in the sector analysing the world’s rapidly evolving tech trends, particularly in emerging markets. Jack is also the EMEA lead for Oliver Wyman’s employee resource group on racial and ethnic diversity, EMPOWERED.

I am fascinated by how digital technology can be used to solve some of the world’s most pressing social and economic challenges.

Jack has been a key part of numerous projects at the intersection of digital and public policy, working with government departments on issues such as digital identity, internet regulation and online harms. In his spare time, Jack runs music events under the name Banana Hill, focusing on African and Latin American club music across the UK. He has DJed and thrown parties around the world.

Organising music events for the past 10 years has pushed me to think creatively, take risks and be ambitious. There’s no better feeling than turning an idea into reality, and seeing people enjoy the outcome. I try to apply this creativity in all other areas of my life