Davide Taliente
Managing Partner, EMEA
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Davide is Managing Partner for Oliver Wyman EMEA and specializes in Public Policy with most of his work focusing on governments, national regulators, multi-lateral bodies, development finance organizations and central banks.

My university studies taught me logic, problem solving and economic systems. Oliver Wyman – through the apprenticeship model – taught me how to understand client systems, building consensus and getting things done from a practical perspective. This blend of skills has been invaluable in tackling the challenges faced by our clients.

Davide advises his clients in making the best policy decisions and implementing them in the most effective way. He works with public bodies to deliver better outcomes for consumers and more effective markets.

Following some personal experiences, Davide is passionate about helping people grow and develop their lives and future prospects:

I've had some close calls in my life: one, watching the second airplane strike on my way to a meeting in the Twin Towers on September 11th, and two, not being in the restaurant where the Mumbai attacks started by an extraordinary set of circumstances. These two events made me re-assess priorities in life – I think, in the future, I'd really love to do some work for a not-for-profit organization helping disadvantaged people back into employment and give something back.