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Find out why Oliver Wyman has long-term confidence in the China market, and how we work with leading Chinese companies to build the economy of the future.


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People are asking questions about the China market, but we remain bullish in the longer term.​

As the second-largest economy in the world, China accounted for 18% of the global GDP in 2021.

29% of the Fortune 500 are China-based.

China remains heavily embedded in global supply chains. ​

Added to that, China's consumer market is too large to ignore. General Motors now sells more cars in China than in the US, Mexico and Canada combined.

There are now twice as many iPhones in China as in the US. ​

For our Financial Services clients, we see combined forces of an aging population, pillar three pension reform, and a clamp-down on guaranteed-return wealth management products.

This means a quickly developing institutional sector that requires deeper onshore capital markets. ​

While net zero in 2060 is further out than some other countries, we believe the state-led economic planning increases the likelihood of successfully meeting the target. ​

The transition will lead to all sorts of opportunities.

China already makes up 35% of total global investment in clean energy.

Over a quarter of cars sold in China last year were electric: which means over half of the worlds EVs are sold in China. ​

At Oliver Wyman, we work with leading Chinese companies to build the economy of the future.

We also invest in and nurture China's best talents relentlessly. ​

My name is Peter Reynolds. I’m a Partner and head of our business here in Greater China. ​

Together, let’s accelerate breakthroughs.​