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Asia can utilize its abundant supply of alternative fuels to drive its sustainability efforts. Here's how we make biofuel a more economically viable option.


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Biofuels create the possibility of a whole other bridge to a low carbon future.

Globally, there are about 700-800 Million Metric Tonnes per annum of biofuel feedstock supply.

Asia offers the largest share of that.

We have the possibility of alternative fuels from different waste streams such as palm oil and its by-products, waste cooking oils, and tallow to name a few.  

Asia also is clearly the largest long-term demand sink for these fuels.

This demand is driven by a combination of the scale of population, and the fact that combustion engines are proving harder to displace in Asian economies, meaning fuels like this that would otherwise be “wasted embedded carbon” can be turned into “productive fuels”.

The challenge is that the business models either don’t exist or are not mature enough when it comes to finding these feedstocks and turning them into products in an economically viable way.

We have been helping fuel producers, feedstock holders, and investors to peel apart this relatively nascent space to understand these opportunities in Asia and identify what is needed to construct viable business models again in Asia.

We are also advising companies in the road freight, aviation, and shipping sectors that have announced initiatives and a desire to shift towards low carbon fuels, to help meet their sustainability targets while helping their customers to decarbonize their supply chain.

Players in each part of the ecosystem have a role to play.

Be it governments and regulators, private players, investors or the broader civil society to make biofuels an economically viable pathway for a more sustainable future.

Hello, my name is Abhi, and I am the Asia Pacific Head of Energy and Natural Resources at Oliver Wyman. 

Together, let’s accelerate breakthroughs.