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From rising interest rates to net-zero transition plans, global wholesale banks in Asia need to map out new strategies to respond to these macro challenges.


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With upgraded strategies, global banks in Asia can translate new uncertainties into opportunities.

Asia is an important growth driver for global wholesale banks. Meanwhile, the industry landscape is going to be significantly reshaped by various macro factors.

Firstly, an already inflationary environment with rising interests rate brings more complexity. Asian corporate clients are looking to explore local currency financing vehicles, which heightens the challenge for global banks to syndicate and risk manage.

Heightened geopolitical tensions are another key disruptive factor. Risks such as sanctions and supply chain disruption require a focus on resiliency.  

Banks should re-consider their market-entry strategies, streamline the operational setups, and recalibrate their license mix in Asian markets.  

These changes, coupled with the region’s net zero transition plans, mean banks would need to navigate a strategic shift of their client portfolios from high-emission to cleaner, greener industries such as electric vehicles.

Wholesale banks would also have to upskill their talent, developing new tools, and embedding these changes into today’s processes and KPIs.

At Oliver Wyman, we work with senior executives and thought leaders to map out new strategies to respond to macro challenges, reshaping the future of Asia’s banking industry.  

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