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Uncover the factors driving growth and find out how market players in the region can capitalize on the opportunity to fast track their strategic ambitions.


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South East Asia is going through massive growth and will claim a much larger share of the global economy in the next few decades. ​

Hello, my name is Seo, and I am a Partner and Head of South East Asia at Oliver Wyman. ​

This is the moment for South East Asia. This exceptional period of rapid growth provides a crucial moment for companies in the region to emerge as leaders of the global economy, following the footsteps of global leaders from other parts of Asia such as Japan, South Korea, and China. ​

South East Asia is already blessed with important factors such as being a major producer of important commodities; a large, young and educated workforce; increasing mobility across and beyond the region; strong interest in embracing anything digital; and its stable positioning in the global geopolitical landscape. ​

In order to capitalize on these tail winds, companies and financial institutions in this region need to make deliberate bets to build scale, acquire capabilities, and plug into rapidly evolving ecosystems around the globe. ​

In fact, now is the moment to leapfrog several stages/decades of developments through accelerating digital transformation and deploying advanced analytics to turbocharge all aspects of the business. ​

Being on this journey does require strong disciplines in balancing growth vs profitability, managing multiple bets as a portfolio, achieving strong enterprise risk management capabilities, and embedding resilience to weather through various economic cycles. ​

We work with CEOs, boards, and policy makers to re-establish ambitions at a global scale and journey together to build towards those ambitions. 

Together, let’s accelerate breakthroughs.​