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Discover why China's education reform sees the country seek greater influence on the world stage, and a bigger role in global education governance.​ 


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To develop world-leading quality education with Chinese characteristics, deeper and wider reform of primary, secondary, and higher education in China is imminent.

In the context of the new era, China is seeking greater influence, and for its voice to be heard on the world stage, as well as a bigger role in global education governance.

Although China has the world's largest number of students enrolled in primary, secondary and higher education the current curriculum standards cannot meet the demands of the new era.

Therefore, the updated Curriculum Standards for Compulsory Education were launched in April.

These, together with the new high school/university curriculum standards and the Sino-Foreign integrated curriculum assessment program in preparation, all draw on the best of the world’s forefront theories, yet also have the mark of Chinese education.

This is an important move for improving education quality, cultivating next-generation talents, and promoting educational openness.

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