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Uncover how Oliver Wyman successfully launched digital banks with rapid speed despite the increasingly volatile and highly competitive landscape in Asia.


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At Oliver Wyman Digital, we build digital banks in seven to nine months.

The global digital banking landscape is changing rapidly.

It has achieved impressive growth in the past years as emerging players come up with increasingly innovative products and services, but they don’t always end up as success stories.

High customer acquisition costs and increasing operating costs are typical factors that inhibit digibanks from scaling up.

Markets like Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines will be highly competitive with new digital players by 2023, which will make it even harder to acquire new customers.

We expect this to continue in several other Asian markets over the next few years. We believe new entrants need rapid speed to market, and a large scope of services.

They should meet the complex regulatory requirements for launch while navigating a Customer First outlook and technology know-how to build a future-proof digital bank that is highly scalable.

At Oliver Wyman Digital, we offer the speed and confidence to build the banks of tomorrow.

Our experience is rooted in our customers learnings and what has made them successful. In 2022 alone we have led four digital banking launches.

Using agile ways of working, we work with global clients to digitally transform their existing businesses and launch new greenfield ventures.

Hello, my name is Dan Jones. I am a Partner at Oliver Wyman Digital in Hong Kong.

Together, let’s accelerate breakthroughs.