Keeping Physicians Focused on Patient Care


Physician practices lack capital and scale to engage in value-based arrangements. Partnerships can help mitigate those challenges.

Katie Adams and Miles Snowden, MD

2 min read

Physicians shouldn’t be expected to do population health; they do patient care. Although the focus is on individual patient encounters, physicians can be aided by a reliable ecosystem that augments their work so they can look beyond the patient’s chief complaint, according to Miles Snowden, MD, Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of Physician Strategy, Navvis. “Allow them to deliver that single patient care, but also see that as an opportunity to accomplish more, such as an annual wellness visit or other preventive care,” he said during an interview at the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit.

Striking partnerships with health systems and payers is another way to help physicians practices move toward value-based care, Snowden said. Those partnerships can help physicians organizations that typically lack the capital and scale needed to adopt value-based models.

  • Katie Adams and
  • Miles Snowden, MD