Finding Ways to Save Money While Improving the Customer Experience


Adam Boehler shares insights on how payment reform and focusing on the patient experience can improve care for Medicare beneficiaries.

Adam Boehler  and  Katie Adams

1 min read

The best way to reduce costs in Medicare is to pay for outcomes, said Adam Boehler, Founder and CEO of Rubicon Founders and Co-Founder of Honest Medical Group. One example: in the US, between 10-15% of dialysis patients receive care in their homes, compared to roughly 80% in Hong Kong and 50% in Guatemala. How the US pays for care is a key reason for the disparity, Boehler explained during an interview at the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit, saying, “When you pay people the right way, they react the right way.”

Boehler, former director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, also encouraged healthcare organizations to look beyond such traditional metrics as HEDIS scores to identify ways of improving the patient experience. He pointed to net promoter scores and hospital utilization as two key measures to assess.

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