The Future of Connected Health


Technology presents an opportunity to redefine a care delivery model that's more continuous, more personalized, and more human.

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2020 was the year of connected health. But what’s around the corner for 2021 and beyond? Which digital models can truly scale? Where should healthcare leaders be wary of traditional healthcare economics wrapped in a virtual cloak?

It's these questions and more Jennifer Schneider, MD, Livongo's President, and Daniel Kraft, MD, Singularity University's Chair for Medicine and Neuroscience, and Exponential Medicine's Founder and Chair, addressed at the 2020 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit. Said Jennifer and Daniel, technology presents the opportunity to redefine what healthcare offers as more continuous, more personalized, and more human. It's now time to spark big change, they urged leaders.

Watch the Conversation from the Health Innovation Summit

Memorable Moments

  • Jennifer on creating a competitive company that consumers trust: ”We've built an experience that people love. I can't overemphasize enough how important it is to build an experience where people feel appreciated and welcomed. And they don't feel judged.” 
  • Daniel on why health is more than a series of isolated touchpoints: “You can never take a vacation from your diabetes, especially if you’re Type 1.” 
  • Jennifer on the importance of changing consumers engage with the care delivery system: “Good doctors translate medical understanding into words that motivate people. It's that simple.” 
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