Series: The New Role of Digital and Technology


Expert perspectives on what an AI takeover actually looks like and how to best prepare your organization.

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In this series of articles below (Chapter 2 of Oliver Wyman's Health Innovation Journal: Volume 3), we explore three new ways digital and technology will transform healthcare. First, we examine how technology may reverse an upcoming employment shortage. Second, we provide executive-proven strategies for succeeding with artificial intelligence (AI). And lastly, we share nine ways to monetize healthcare data. 

How An Infusion Of Tech Will Reverse The Worker Crisis

With a big deficit of healthcare workers just around the corner, the advent of AI will quickly become a question not of if (or even when) but of how fast. Until then, we have three artificial intelligence (AI) predictions we believe are destined to come true in healthcare. Read the article to learn more about our predictions of the Decisive Diagnostician, the Documentation Assistant, and the Downstream Work Eliminator. 

CEO Briefing Room: Strategies for Succeeding with Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AI, organizations’ quarterly endeavors have now become daily tasks. What's next? Widespread AI adoption, which half of all healthcare leaders now believe is no more than five years away. In this article, we summarize a discussion held with leaders from Health Evolution, American Express, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, and Allina Health on the future of tech transformation.

Monetizing Healthcare's C2B Consumer Data Explosion

Boom! Healthcare is smack in the middle of a seemingly never- ending data explosion. In an exciting plot twist, the next evolution of healthcare’s data explosion will be owned by consumers – not payers or providers. In this article, we share nine ways to monetize healthcare's data sharing boom including the Connector to the Consumer Data Mart.

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