Video: Terry Stone on Amazon, Consumer-Centricity, and Magnetic Offerings


Healthcare organizations are working hard to become consumer-centric. To achieve real success, they need to focus on becoming magnetic.

Terry Stone

3 min read

Remember when Amazon only sold books? The super retailer has come a long way since those early days, and it's all thanks to its initial magnetic offering.

In this short video, Oliver Wyman's Terry Stone explores the concept of a magnetic offering, and she discusses how healthcare leaders should focus on identifying their unique offering. A magnetic offering, like Amazon, solves a problem for a consumer better than anything else in the market, and so is able to draw consumers to it. Once a healthcare company can attract consumers with a magnetic offering, it will have limitless ability to influence consumers' choices, change lifestye behaviors, and drive them to lower-cost sites of care, Terry says.

Learn more in the video below.