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#IWD2019: Oliver Wyman Superheroes

International Women’s Day 2019 is a historic day in many ways. It celebrates how far women have come in working to achieve intersectional equality; it ruminates on the ways we can continue to strive for a more equal world, how we can #BalanceForBetter. It is also the day that Captain Marvel, a film produced by Marvel Studios, makes its debut. For the first time in Marvel’s history, a female heroine takes the lead of her own movie. But, the powerful Carol Danvers is not the only superheroine who we can honor.

We have many colleagues that embody that same determined spirit that drives them to go “Higher. Further. Faster.” To that end, we asked the women of Oliver Wyman: “What’s your superpower?

Click on each of their photos to learn their secrets to success in the workplace and beyond. Read their recent work that is creating breakthroughs in industries from healthcare and banking to human capital, what they have done to achieve the amazing.

I’m a woman. That’s my superpower
Michelle Hill, Vice President, Automotive & Manufacturing Industries

So, what's your superpOWer?