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What We Do

We know the consumer products industry is facing challenges created by shifting consumption behaviors, demographics, digital technology, emerging markets, and industry consolidation – just to name a few. Capturing organic and profitable growth under these circumstances requires a shift in company focus and new capabilities. Our Consumer Products Practice helps our clients identify the under-exploited sources of profitable growth, work with them to realize such opportunities and build capability for the future.

We help clients in various consumer sectors, including:-       

  • FMCG                        
  • Luxury
  • Durable                  
  •  Apparel & Footwear

We typically help clients solve a wide variety of problems with our consumer insights, in-depth product, market and channel knowledge and state-of-the-art analytics of Oliver Wyman Labs. A few project examples are:

  • Pricing and promotion optimization/ Revenue management
  • Profitability drivers identification and optimization
  • Partnership model with retailers
  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics
  • Growth Strategy
  • Market Entry and Go-to-market strategy
  • Operational Strategy
  • Merger & Acquisition support
  • Marketing and sales optimization
  • Digital transformation

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