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COVID-19 and the UK government's imminent comprehensive spending review have increased the scrutiny on how well money and resources are allocated across the public sector. However, those in charge of large public organizations often struggle to have sufficient visibility and understanding of their teams' work and the associated costs. Our resource allocation analysis addresses this gap by giving senior leaders better visibility and control over what is happening across their responsibilities, ensuring resources and activities are optimally aligned to achieving their strategic goals.

Large legacy organizations often struggle to have sufficient grip on the work people are actually doing


Resource allocation analysis is one of the most powerful tools around when it comes to helping organizations build a detailed understanding of current spend. It is extremely effective at driving both targeted cost improvements and shaping broader transformation efforts
Lisa Quest, Partner – Public Policy UK

Priority vs. cost comparison for the Operations Department of a UK public sector organization

The exhibit below shows an anonymized, real-world example of resource allocation analysis in action. When the Operations Department of a UK public sector organization compared the cost of their activities to the value they placed against them (priority ranking), large discrepancies were uncovered (highlighted in red). A large negative delta (the redder a box) provides a visual indication that there may be opportunity to reallocate resources away from that activity to higher priority activities. As part of resource allocation analysis, the size of that opportunity is quantified and analyzed further, and the team works with your organization to implement the changes you prioritize.


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