OW Industry: Automotive

Product Development

Auto manufacturers can differentiate themselves through new technology, but research and development is expensive. Efficient product development, effective innovation management, and the development of the right core competencies are key.

The explosive increase in the number of models and derivatives, new driving concepts, and new functionality offers automobile manufacturers many opportunities to differentiate their products with each generation. Yet the resulting complexity pushes the limits of performance and affordability. Oliver Wyman helps car manufacturers achieve maximum technological differentiation and quality while minimizing costs and investment.

We have experience in building efficient and customer-focused innovation and technology strategies, so that clients can launch the right products for targeted customers at the right time.  Manufacturers also need the right platform concepts and modules, across different models and brands, to benefit from economies of scale. Additionally, it is important to reduce the costs for product development and production support with the help of an integrated, continuous, and holistic approach that goes beyond the functional limits of product development, procurement, and production.

Oliver Wyman is a trusted partner in innovation, technology, product development, and core competency strategies. We are known for our proven methodologies, deep understanding of key trends and challenges in the auto industry, and our rigorous proprietary research.

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