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What We Do

Our future-ready ventures approach helps ambitious organizations transform their big ideas into bold undertakings, minimizing their risk, and setting them on a strong future trajectory. We start by tackling four common issues:

  • Excessive upfront investment on research
  • No real customer buy-in with a lack of concept validation
  • Inability to identify true unmet customer needs
  • Unable to pivot due to sunk time and resource costs

Through years of hearing and seeing the same problems and continuously innovating our solutions, we’ve redesigned our method for venture creation based on four principles:

  • 15 Day Sprints
    We've moved away from costly and time consuming 'strategy' proposals, focusing instead on partnering with you on a rapid 15 day sprints.
  • Focus On The Things That Matter
    Rather than creating spreadsheets or lengthy presentations, we will spend time extracting true jobs-to-be-done and how your new venture can bring value to you and your customers.
  • Design The Future
    We bring the venture to life through co-creating tangible prototypes with customers, supported by a business case and investor showcase.
  • Customer Ready
    We ensure your new venture is customer-ready, through rapid launching to real customers and de-risking venture build.

Illustrative 15 Day Sprints

5 Days

Inspire The Future
Uncovering the true customer, business, and market opportunity to inspire a mild to wild ideation bank.

Sprint Activities

  • Customer discovery
  • Social listening
  • Unleashing trends
  • Brand aperture diagnostic
  • Jobs-to-be-done
  • Venture ideation


  • Deep customer insight
  • Business opportunities
  • Social listening business and market insights
  • Key jobs-to-be-done
  • Venture concept bank

5 Days

Illuminate The Venture
Rapidly bringing the ideas to life, crafting, co-creating, and conducting tangible experiments to refine concepts and generate real buy-in.

Sprint Activities

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Customer co-creation
  • Launch ready designs
  • De-risking experimentation
  • Market launch


  • Marketing material
  • Visual prototype(s)
  • Real customer feedback
  • List of signed up customers

5 Days

Illustrate The Launch
Deciphering and conceptualizing your venture to gain a return on investment, consider risks, and set us up for success.

Sprint Activities

  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Business model
  • Venture planning
  • Risks and considerations
  • Executive showcasing
  • Investor pitch deck


  • Business and investment case
  • Risks and mitigating factors
  • Solution pathway
  • Investor pitch video
  • Venture showcase

Let’s Bring Your Venture Forward

Sharing your relentless passion to innovate


What We Think

Innovation and disruption often go hand in hand, presenting a delicate balance between risk and opportunity. Leaders must therefore understand how to organize and steer their business when disruption hits. When partnering with our clients to set up new ventures, we ask four essential questions:

How do you guarantee the performance of new ventures, so they deliver on commitments to customers and drive revenue? When it comes to productivity, how do you optimize for efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance?  How will you approach incubation, as your venture grows and matures? And finally, thinking holistically about transformation, how you can scale new ventures successfully across your business?

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Oliver Wyman Digital partners with clients to deliver breakthrough outcomes for their toughest digital challenges. We share your relentless passion to invent and innovate, shaping market opportunities into breakthrough propositions. We design, build, and launch game-changing ventures. Above all, we work collaboratively with our clients’ leaders, employees, stakeholders, and customers to jointly define, design, and achieve lasting results.


Who We Are

Our Venture Squad is a team of multi-disciplinary experts - from engineers, designers, developers, marketers, to quants - working as one with the client to expand the realm of possibilities.