Yi Xian Low
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Yi Xian is a principal in our Corporate and Institutional Banking Practice, with a focus on climate and sustainability.

Based in Singapore, Yi Xian has worked with leading financial institutions across the Asia Pacific region on various strategic topics, including the setting of net-zero targets and formulating strategies. She is passionate about assisting clients in navigating the uncertainties of strategic decision-making, leading to outcomes that are both ambitious and pragmatic.

Global progress has been made towards net zero, but there is a significant need for further advancement. Financial institutions recognize their role in facilitating this progress, yet they face great challenges in balancing their long-term ambitions with short-term priorities

Yi Xian approaches each client's problems with deep empathy, ensuring tangible impact can be achieved. She understands there is no universal solution to challenges. She works closely with her clients, across a range of strategic topics, to solve complex issues and attain buy-in across the entire organization. She actively considers alternative viewpoints that will help to improve the robustness of the recommendation.

Yi Xian has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the London School of Economics. People development and mentorship are areas that she is strongly passionate about.

In her spare time, she builds strength and mindfulness through yoga practice.