William Osei
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William is a senior member of the platform hosting team for Oliver Wyman's Digital practice. He works to guide and facilitate the availability of systems in countries across the globe. By creating a baseline for the configuration and security of services, William is able to help the rest of Oliver Wyman's Digital practice work more efficiently, and as a result, turn technical solutions around in a timelier manner.

Over the years, one thing William has realized is that sometimes it's ok to not have an immediate answer to a problem, he says. "Instead, take details and requirements from a given scenario and piece those things together to get the best results." 

Technology is ever-changing; our approach to problem-solving should also be constantly evolving to make sure we’re leveraging the most cutting-edge components and concepts.

Prior to Oliver Wyman, William performed network, system, and security consulting where he designed and oversaw technical project implementations in industries such as banking, finance, law, and education. His focus has always been partnering with stakeholders across businesses to identify where their interactions relating to technology could be enhanced and to help them work more efficiently and innovatively.

Consulting is a line of work that keeps your mind stimulated and promises that very few situations will be the same when you dive into the fine details. Seeing creativity and innovation come together to formulate the missing piece to a puzzle is a gratifying and rewarding experience.