Will Illingworth
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Will is a partner in our Retail and Business Banking practice in the London Office. 

As part of the firm’s end-to-end credit platform, he co-leads the EMEA Retail and SME Credit sub-practice. 

The world of retail and SME credit is evolving at breakneck speed – with the pace often being set by new market entrants. Banking products are moving closer to customers’ point of need, with new ecosystems often developed to meet a broader set of customer requirements. As a result, banks need to decide whether to build out their own ecosystems or partner with others to better meet their customers’ needs.

Will has 10 years’ experience in consulting, working with a broad range of clients in EMEA. Notable recent projects he has worked on include developing a COVID-19 collections response and interface with payment holidays for a UK challenger bank; building out the FS ecosystem for a major marketplace; and numerous other engagements across strategy, end-to-end credit, pricing and proposition development.

Outside of my primary focus areas, I have been fortunate enough to work on several of our social impact projects, which I am very passionate about. It is hugely rewarding to apply my skills and expertise to a completely different type of organization, and help them achieve real impact in their chosen sector.
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